Gun Safety Around The Home: How To Protect Your Family

Gun Safety in the home

Having a gun in your home can be a very good thing, particularly if you live in an area where you’re likely to be the victim of a home robbery or worse, but if you’re not safe with the gun, it’s not such a good thing.

Here’s how to protect your family with a gun around the home, no matter what.

Lock The Gun In A Safe

Lock The Gun IN A Safe

No matter how much you think you can trust people who live in or visit your home, don’t ever take chances with the gun. Keep it locked up in a specially made gun safe, so nobody except you has access to it.

Teach Older Kids About Gun Safety

Teach Older Kids About Gun Safety

If your kids are older and demonstrate responsibility, teach them the rules of gun safety; it may still not be a good idea to let them hold or operate the weapon, but it is good for them to know about it. Once they’re up to it, take them with you when you go target shooting or to a range. If they’re going to learn about guns, it should definitely be from you.

Always Keep The Gun Clean

Always Keep The Gun Clean

Cleaning your gun is an important safety factor, as doing so can prevent misfires and other malfunctions. Clean it away from people and keep your own personal safety in mind as well. Make sure the weapon is safely reassembled when you’re finished and that it’s locked away when you’re finished.

Never Point The Muzzle In Anyone’s Direction

Never Point The Muzzle In Anyone's Direction

No matter if you’re cleaning your gun or taking it out for recreational use, it’s important that you never point it at anyone. Many cases of gun accidents have been the result of someone innocently pointing it at someone, only to have the weapon go off unintentionally. Avoid this scenario by keeping the gun pointed down and away from people.

Talk About Guns With Your Family

Talk about guns with your family

A gun shouldn’t be kept hush-hush in the household, as that can create an aura of mystery that will entice kids and their friends to want to know more. Lots of children can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about, so they try and sneak a peak or touch with the gun in the home and that can easily lead to accidents. Talk about guns, so your kids know how to act around them. Don’t first alert them after it is too late get to talking to them much earlier.

Get A Safety Certificate

Get a safety certificate

Take a quick class on gun safety, not just to brush up on your skills, but to set an example for your kids that education is a part of responsible gun ownership. Share what you learn and always keep it in mind.

Keeping a gun around the home can keep your family protected in the event of a robbery or home invasion, but if you don’t insist that your family practice gun safety at all times, something tragic could happen. Unfortunately, many deaths and injuries as a result of guns are simple accidents that could have easily been prevented had the gun owner been more responsible. Don’t let anyone in your home become a gun statistic; practice total safety instead.